WorldVia Travel Network’s Enterprise Agencies improve their profit power with top-tier commissions with most cruise lines, tour providers, and domestic and international commissions across more than 70 airlines.

Gain from our world-class technology, marketing, and education programs and get personal agency support while keeping total control of your agency.

WorldVia is one of the fastest-growing agencies in America.

You can leverage our vast buying power with suppliers to earn more.

Because if you can increase your margins, you can produce more income for the same time and effort.

Our Enterprise Program gives you flexible options that let you keep control of your business while increasing your profit margins. Plus, you can participate in lead generation marketing programs, access better technology, enroll your advisors in engaging education courses, and receive personalized agency and supplier support.

The best part, you're in complete control.

So Much More Than Increased Commission

Beyond boosting commissions, the Enterprise Program offers superb tools, resources, and support that your business deserves.

Is the Enterprise Program for You?

We designed the Enterprise Program to best appeal to the following types of travel agencies:

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Find out if the Enterprise Program is suitable for your agency. Our team is happy to explain the program to you and answer any questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did WorldVia create the Enterprise Program?

WorldVia Travel Network is a large host agency that supports over 3,000 independent contractors. Over the years, we've received many inquiries from small and medium-sized agencies asking whether running some of their bookings through us might yield higher margins. Some were interested in booking air, some cruise and tour, and others a single cruise line where they were earning a low base commission. After analyzing their business mix, the answer, in most cases, was YES.

Knowing that our buying power could help small and medium-sized agencies succeed, we thought about other ways to help. From marketing programs to technology, the list of opportunities to add value grew, and the Enterprise Program was born.

Do I need to book everything through WorldVia?

Absolutely not. In fact, you choose which suppliers and bookings you want to book through the program. We think that once you get started you’ll see that you can boost your revenue with the vast majority of suppliers, but the decision and control are totally yours.

Are there minimum requirements to join the Enterprise Program?

All agencies must apply to be considered for the Enterprise Program. For consideration into the program, agencies must book at least $2 million in ticketed sales annually. If your agency is under $2 million, many of these tremendous opportunities are still available through our standard membership programs.

How much does it cost to join the Enterprise Program?

We charge a one-time account activation fee and a monthly membership fee. The monthly membership fee includes up to 30 agents, with a small monthly fee for additional agents. There are additional fees for GDS. Click here to see our membership plan pricing.

Your membership fees could be waived or discounted based on your sales volume. Our Membership Team can talk about those options with you.

How does WorldVia make money through the Enterprise Program?

In addition to applicable monthly membership fees, WorldVia keeps a small percentage of the commission paid by suppliers for completed travel and any volume-based incentives.

Do I need to give up my ARC appointment?


Is WorldVia a consortium? What’s the difference between a consortium and the Enterprise Program?

WorldVia Travel Network is not a consortium; we’re even closer partners with you than that. Bookings made through the Enterprise Program are executed through WorldVia, but the Enterprise Program differs from our independent agent program. As an Enterprise Agency, you’ll work more closely with our leadership and functional support teams (technology, marketing, operations, etc.). Of course, how much and how closely you want to work with us is totally up to you; it’s still your agency!

Let's Talk

Find out if the Enterprise Program is suitable for your agency. Our team is happy to explain the program to you and answer any questions you may have.