Our Discoveries are one-day events focused on the nuances of a specific product type, travel style, or destination. They are perfect for members who want to explore a new territory or niche concentration.

All About All-Inclusive Vacations

We’ll explore top all-inclusive destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico, examine the all-inclusive customer and match them with the best product, look at who’s who in all-inclusive vacations, and meet our favorite partners who connect us to fun in the sun. 

The Cruise Compass​

This is your essential guide to cruising the seven seas. We’ll chart our favorite cruise destinations and itineraries, including amazing experiences, consider the cruise customer and match them with the best product, navigate the waters of who’s who in ocean cruising, and meet our favorite partners, helping us sail smoothly. 

Across the Pond​

We’re crossing the Atlantic to spend the day in Europe! We’ll explore our favorite places and experiences in Europe for every type of client, look at the profile of a European traveler, share tips and tricks for planning vacations to Europe, and consider the questions for our clients that make selling Europe easier. Meet our favorite partners to connect your clients to Europe and beyond. 

The Captain’s Table​

Cruising is more than mega ships! Let’s explore the world of River Cruising, Expedition Cruising, and other Unique Cruise Products. We’ll review the key differences between ocean cruising and features of mid-size and small-ship cruises, look at unique places to travel by ship and investigate the customer profile for niche and river cruising. Meet our favorite partners to connect your clients to these distinctive experiences.