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One Step At A Time


We say building a business is a journey, not a destination. An unending series of steppingstones with usually more than a few step-backs mark the path. While the destination of a successful business keeps us motivated to keep moving, we need to make sure to pause and celebrate the steps.

We unveiled a new slate of member agency Questy Awards last August at Travel Quest World to recognize the best of the best. The Golden Crown Awards for outstanding sales achievement, the Ascension Award for incredible sales growth, and the Dynasty Award for a longtime commitment to excellence, to name a few.

Congrats again to Sarah Kanter of Those Who Wander Travel for being the inaugural Monarch Agency of the Year!

The Questy Awards were a lot of fun, and you surely noticed the regal theme.
This week, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a massive upgrade to Travel Quest Network’s member agency recognition + benefit program, the GEM Program. While the introduction of this new GEM Program has been in the works for almost two years, our excitement is that it celebrates you, all of you! It celebrates the many steps along your business journey and shines a light on the path forward.

Our inspiration for the Questy award names was not random. We conceived the idea for the new GEM Program well before Travel Quest World 2021, and we wanted our annual awards to share a jeweled theme of the new GEM Program under development. From jewels, we went to the Crown Jewels and then royalty. You get it.

After nearly two years (pesky COVID…), the GEM Program is finally here!
You’ll hear much, much more about the GEM Program over the coming days, weeks, and months, and I believe, in time, it will be a hallmark that distinguishes Travel Quest Network within the industry.

The GEM Program marks a noteworthy moment in Travel Quest’s history. Despite the gravity of the last two years, it gives us an extraordinary moment to pause and reflect on the insanely incredible people that have chosen to be part of our story. (That’s you!)

It is also another signpost of the ongoing maturation of our network. As a company, we are becoming more sophisticated. We are growing our team of specialists to help you in new ways and building new programs that help you win. We’re not alone in that maturation. You, too, are becoming more successful and sophisticated. Your businesses are growing, and you’re looking to conquer the next challenge.
We believe that you are the absolute best travel professionals in the entire industry, and we want to be able to offer the very best of everything so that you can build incredible businesses.

  • The best marketing tools
  • The best travel partners
  • The best education
  • The best technology

And, of course, the best support in the industry.

We aim to deliver without limits. We also believe that you deserve recognition and a benefits program that matches the level of AMAZING that you’re bringing to the network and your clients every day.

The GEM Program is unlike anything in the industry today. Plus, there are even more benefits and rewards in the works.

We believe that you should be recognized for your success, and as you achieve greater and greater success, you should enjoy greater access and benefits. Finally, we believe that both your success and your long-term commitment to Travel Quest Network should be honored and rewarded.

As you learn more about the GEM Program this week and in the weeks that follow, I hope you celebrate your past success, but more importantly, I hope you resolve yourself to reach for what’s next for your business.

So, what’s stopping you?

Trick question. Nothing.

Best success,


Jason Block

CEO, Travel Quest Network/WorldVia